The Engelsrufer - a precious jewel, which is fragile like an angel but strong enough to help in all situations. All piece sof Engelsrufer are handcrafted with care and high-quality detail. The Engelsrufer cage is made of sterling silver.

The Engelsrufer is available in 3 sizes and inside of the cage, which can be opened, there is a sound ball. All of the 9 different coloured soundballs each make a different chime and all have individual special meanings.
These sound balls come in various colours and sizes and can be purchased separately and exchanged individually.
Engelsrufer is a lovely gift for special occasions, as good luck symbol to loved ones so that they are protected.
 The Engelsrufer collection includes, in addition to the popular pendants in different sizes also the matching wings and various other pieces of jewellery.
We hope you enjoy the selection of your personal Engelsrufer.

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30 results

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