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Tired of getting rejection responses from ongoing banks? You are going for a loan application, but you may not get your loan every time. Because banks have criteria and important procedures. Most of the time, we can ask for a loan without knowing them.

Money is always a necessary phenomenon, and we often have difficulty meeting our needs. We try to find someone to ask for help, but this is often impossible when it comes to money.

Most quarrels and arrogance arise from the failure to repay these loans


People are now afraid to give money to each other. Most quarrels and arrogance arise from the failure to repay these loans. However, when a loan is withdrawn from the bank, a bank loan is issued by applying the payment plan on a regular basis, and you also pay regularly every month.

Often times, you may be blacklisted because bank loans are not paid or credit card statements are not paid regularly. Therefore, banks may find it difficult to give loans again. People who need money again do not know what to do and where to apply.

Anything can happen to a person in life. It’s not just yours. If someone in your family is sick and you may need urgent money, nowadays, hospital and medicine costs are very expensive. Also, you may not have gone well in your business and maybe on the brink of bankruptcy.

You just fill out the form and you reach us


Most people suffer from this condition and think black and white. Banks may have difficulty lending in this case but contact us immediately by filling out the form we have provided. Our team of experts will be able to investigate which loan you can use in detail, and they will get back to you as soon as possible. Bank credit is issued and you will definitely find a suitable credit.

You don’t need to research anymore, we are investigating for you. You just fill out the form and you reach us. This is all you have to do and after that we are interested. You can meet your needs and pay your expenses with the loan you will get without asking anyone for money.

Sometimes working may not be enough. The debts are like a mountain and contact us immediately without overwhelming you. We will ensure the most appropriate loan with our professional team in a completely legal way. First of all, you can be sure of the services we provide.


Good Finance internet loans are fast, simple and reliable

Frequently we find job offers that offer savings or savings funds among their benefits. These terms are so common that many people often confuse them.

Both the savings bank and the savings fund seek to encourage savings in the employee through discounts that are made periodically to their salary. These benefits offer attractive benefits, including access to personal loans. However, both saving methods work differently.

What is the savings account?

This saving is created with the voluntary contributions of the worker. This money is obtained through periodic salary discounts.

Contributing a portion of your salary to the savings account is optional, that is, no one can force you to deduct a percentage of your income for this savings. But, it is important that you know that many companies require participation in the savings account to grant personal loans.

By being part of the savings account you have the right to access your money when you need it unless you have a debt for previous loans.

What is the savings fund?


This saving is made up of two parts: the money saved by the worker and the economic contributions of the company. Within the general agreements to have a savings fund, it is considered that the company will contribute a certain amount as long as the worker also does. In other words, contributing to the savings fund is mandatory.

Being a benefit negotiated through the collective agreement, workers can only access their savings on predetermined dates. In general, companies deliver the savings fund to all their employees at the end of the year or every six months.

What are my rights?

Although there are some details that vary depending on what you have agreed with your company, this is the most important thing you should know:

  1. The percentages that deduct from your salary must be agreed by both parties and with prior notice.
  2. It is forbidden to deduct a percentage of your salary for savings if you earn the minimum.
  3. The maximum salary discount cap is 30% of the minimum wage surplus.
  4. According to the Federal Labor Law, savings cannot be subject to compensation, discount, reduction, retention or attachment.
  5. The income that comes from the savings bank cannot be taxed with the Income Tax.

As you can see, both benefits are aimed at encouraging the culture of savings among employees. Ideally, keep personal finances stable, allocating a portion of your income monthly to a contingency save, but we know that it is not always possible. If you find yourself in an extraordinary situation and you need to get fast money, do not hesitate to approach Good Finance Mexico.

Good Finance internet loans are fast, simple and reliable. Apply today for your first online loan with Good Finance Mexico and take advantage of the 0% interest promotion.


Credit card loans Good Finance (revolving credit)

Like all major brands, Good Finance stores allow their customers to pay on credit.

The customer must beholder of the card B +, to obtain it must go to the store with some documents (proof of home, income, RIB, etc ..). This is essential because the B + card is linked to the revolving credit of this sign. And any credit requires a file study.

What are the conditions for a customer to pay on credit?


  • Following this file review: The requested credit line will either be accepted or rejected. If necessary, a ceiling will be imposed.

What type of credit is it?

  • It is a revolving credit, a capped reserve that allows you to pay on credit when needed. In this case, the repayment monthly payments are deducted from the customer’s bank account.
  • As long as the cap is not reached, the cardholder can pay again with this credit card.
  • So this is also called a line of credit (it increases with each repayment of maturity)

What are the payment options?


  1. Repayment in several installments: The interest and the amortization of the borrowed capital are deducted in as many times as you have requested (4, 5, 10 or 20 times)
  2. Cash with B + card: If you request it, your account will be charged the exact amount of the purchase at the beginning of the next month, otherwise the debit is the same day. Without minimum purchase.
  3. Ability to pay off credit as explained above but not starting to repay the first month after the 3rd month. The refund is postponed.
  4. All these options can be used in stores but also online.


  • The annual fee for the B + card is 10 dollars per year.
  • If you choose the cash payment option: Ask for the debit at the beginning of the next month since it is free. Especially if your wages are transferred at the end of the month. 
  • The three-month deferred repayment option seems tempting but beware, it has a cost since interest begins to accrue from the first day.
  • We must be aware that renewable credits are the most expensive that can be found. They are therefore to be used with moderation.
  • If you are considering a purchase of a substantial amount, why not consider a consumer bank loan?

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