Credit card loans Good Finance (revolving credit)

Like all major brands, Good Finance stores allow their customers to pay on credit.

The customer must beholder of the card B +, to obtain it must go to the store with some documents (proof of home, income, RIB, etc ..). This is essential because the B + card is linked to the revolving credit of this sign. And any credit requires a file study.

What are the conditions for a customer to pay on credit?


  • Following this file review: The requested credit line will either be accepted or rejected. If necessary, a ceiling will be imposed.

What type of credit is it?

  • It is a revolving credit, a capped reserve that allows you to pay on credit when needed. In this case, the repayment monthly payments are deducted from the customer’s bank account.
  • As long as the cap is not reached, the cardholder can pay again with this credit card.
  • So this is also called a line of credit (it increases with each repayment of maturity)

What are the payment options?


  1. Repayment in several installments: The interest and the amortization of the borrowed capital are deducted in as many times as you have requested (4, 5, 10 or 20 times)
  2. Cash with B + card: If you request it, your account will be charged the exact amount of the purchase at the beginning of the next month, otherwise the debit is the same day. Without minimum purchase.
  3. Ability to pay off credit as explained above but not starting to repay the first month after the 3rd month. The refund is postponed.
  4. All these options can be used in stores but also online.


  • The annual fee for the B + card is 10 dollars per year.
  • If you choose the cash payment option: Ask for the debit at the beginning of the next month since it is free. Especially if your wages are transferred at the end of the month. 
  • The three-month deferred repayment option seems tempting but beware, it has a cost since interest begins to accrue from the first day.
  • We must be aware that renewable credits are the most expensive that can be found. They are therefore to be used with moderation.
  • If you are considering a purchase of a substantial amount, why not consider a consumer bank loan?

The opinion of our expert in loan and repurchase of credit Noted on 2018-08-29 Loan or repurchase noted Bolanger card credit B + Our rating.